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Dodgeball Syndra [League of Legends] by Gevurah-Studios

Looks awesome in the oufit, allowing the character to be attractive and physical but not overly so. The idea overall is just a plain fu...

X-23 by AviKishundat

Love the facial expression and the anatomy. This looks not only like a real woman but like our little wolverine spawn herself. Shes att...

Maria Hoodie by lalox
by lalox

First time ive done a critique on something like this but here we go. Vision, it'slear what you want to do and it comes out well, a sex...

Drowning by LunarEden

This came out great. can easily tell that she is in some deep water and the expression and eyes give weight to the dire situation. I do...


Hey nerds. Its Josh. If you havent added the new account then it! -going super sayin-

Hey nerds. Its Josh. If you havent added the new account then it! -going super sayin-

Hey guys so here is the link to the new Account and soon Ill deactivate this account for good.…
I think im gonna kill this account and make a new one. Since I am graduating (and hopefully going to actually fucking make stuff for you all cough cough) I want a fresh start and to actually have better control over who I watch.

I...I have so much stuff that goes in my feed I don;t even look at anymore...o goodness.

So If your interested let me know and Ill post you s link. if enough people voice up, I'll just make a finally journal post to link to the newly made account. BYE!
SHORT VERSION: Would you like to work with me in creating something League of Legends related for fun until it can be done more frequently and I can pay you?

If no: Then have a great day you beautiful little thing.

If yes? Then please keep reading.

Since Riot dosn't really seem to be making the changes promised, I feel far more comfortable restarting an idea I had back last winter. A retelling of the "canceled haha not even" Lore of the League of Legends

This series would follow each champion one at a time through varying focuses, added original characters to fill in some depth, and a few personal head cannons for those sections that are left ambiguous COUGH COUGH Garen and Kat are totally a better version of romeo and Juliet COUGH COUGH.

In addition, or instead, I have some ideas to do a more romantic comedey series based off of Summoner Oc's I've spent a lot of time getting to know over the past year. Now this project would be far less work and easier to do for an artist, and more dependent on me as a writer to just be's with those fucking furries am i ri-shot by most of my freinds-

A newspaper comic strip style, every other week, varying gaps of time included, and made for fun laughs and feels.

And since I will be graduating I CANNOT offer you money. Now please please don;t think of me as some cheapskate looking to mooch of some artists. NO not at all.

I wont have money, yet, but once i have moved home, settled back with my family and gotten started making a living, i will happily pay you for your time. Giving you a regularly allowance that we can discuss depending on how big I wish to grow these series.

I feel the slice of life series will be faster picked up, but i wanted to pitch you all both my ideas.

THE SUMMARY: I would like the help of an artist of any age, with varying skill and free time dependent on what i feel best fits the comic ideas, to help me get some fun fan creations of League of Legends started for the enjoyment of simply creating. I want these ideas to go somewhere, but I don't want to throw all my eggs in one basket when I am graduating college nor am i expecting full employment/enslavement for a free lance gig just for fun with the hopes of either or both growing into something more.

I want to have fun, work with a cool person who loves league and has the free time and INTEREST to make a slice of life series, or a retelling of what I believe to be one of the best Lores in games, and just maybe start an ever growing career out of it.
Hey nerds. Its Josh. If you havent added the new account then it! -going super sayin-



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Joshua Hitz
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United States
this account is moving to….
But will remain open for a time so I can pull from my art when needed
see you there

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SillySixShooter Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015
Hey nerds. Its Josh. If you havent added the new account then it! -going super sayin-
mustachecat88 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Student Writer
Happy birthday Omi, sorry I havent been here lately ;c; 

I hope you have a great birthday
Ah-Mon Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
Hi bro,

how are you?
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Oh me? Oh i have been busy with school and stuff, been eating grass all day,
it's yummy you know, :rofl:
Ah-Mon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
Wow i didnt know joshua had a new account? Hahaha JK
takte ka tuks pano ka nakarating dito? hahaha
tuksoil Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
wala nakita ko lang, hahaha :rofl:
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Thanks for the fav ^^
Ecco4050 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Hey, remember me?  It's been a while.  I'm sad to hear that you've discontinued Zanas' story, but glad to see that you've picked up on League.  I've been playing a while myself, and you should drop me your summoner's name.  I still have plans to upload my collab RP pokemon story to the club, but haven't gotten to it yet.  Even then, we've started a new one as well.  So I've been busy, to say the least.  How have you been?
Omen11 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
been doing fine trying to make the comics both fan and original make some fun with it and hopefully in the future gain an aduience big enough for orignal stuff to live off of. its a big dream lol
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